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Over the last few decades, everything has changed in our lives with the all pervasive intervention of technology. However classrooms have remained untouched by technology. The classrooms that our grandparents went to are exactly the kind of classrooms our children study in. Chalk and blackboard, a packed classroom, text books, regimented curriculum, a teacher painstakingly explaining abstract concepts with the limited tools at her disposal.

So we introduce the technology in classes and schools. It is a new vision in education. The use of Education technology can bring a huge change in education. Internet and e learning devices can make class room environment extremely amazing. We are teaching effectively through smart class to the students.They are very much interested when they hear and see it visually.

When they use text books they can read only the theory.But when they learn from smart class,they can be visually treated.

It uses instructional material, 3D animated modules and videos, and all the renowned schools are using this concept. Now the students are thrilled at this concept of innovation and interactive learning process. The concept of digitized classroom has not only made education interesting but a chance to students to enhance their performance.

At home, smart class system works as a virtual school, where parents, teachers and students can communicate with each other


Introduction of concept in a thrilling and exciting manner.

A student's better engagement with the content on a smart board is dynamic and visually more appealing.

Teaching skills can be enhanced by showing various videos to the students.

Scope for the integration of different types of technology and other novel ways to the teachers to present lesson.

Makes learning an enjoyable experience for students.

Improves academic performance of students.

We provide other services like 

1. School ERP

2. HR Payroll

3. Data Management System

4. Website Designing and App Development

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